[FTC]: RES-Q Field Elements interfacing with DIY perimeter

My first post here, so hi y’all!

My second year team only has space for a half field setup. Last year we were able to go without a perimeter, but since this year’s field elements interface with the perimeter in multiple spots, we need to build at least a partial perimeter.

Is there anyone who already has a RES-Q field together with one of the DIY field perimeter designs built with PVC pipe? If so, how does it work? Did you have to make any special modifications?



Hi Linda,

We’re a second year team with limited space and resources. We’re working on a design using “engineered lumber”. We’re looking to build 2 sides for a AndyMark 1/2 field with two “I-beam Joists”. Lumber yards sell 12" tall x 12’ long joist. They weight about 30 lbs each (2.6 lb/ft) and should be easy to assemble/disassemble using hinges on the corner.

We have a DYI field (see post “FTC Field Hack”) - one of my own making, not PVC. There are going to be a bunch of modifications necessary to attach this year’s Field elements. I’ll continue to post as we modify our field, but remember that the nice thing about the PVC field is that it is easy to fix.

Our practice room happened to have 24 step exercise boards in the corner which we ‘borrowed’ for walls originally. Now the kids don’t want to give those walls up despite having a homemade lexan set. Those steps were 4’x1’ plywood with a 2x4 frame behind them, we screwed three together per side and put gate latches on to hold up the four walls. Best thing is that the walls are sturdy enough to sit on! Debugging, building, holding toolboxes, you name it. 1.5 sheets of plywood and enough 2x4’s shouldn’t break the bank…

What a great idea ! any pic or other info would be appreciated. I need something that can be folded and put away pretty quick too…
What foam mats are you guys using ?

We don’t have room for the full field so we bought two 8’ I-trusses ($20 ea). We cut the inside of flange flush with the web. This is fairly easy with a table saw. The whole rig weighs about 40 lbs and folds up and stands up in the corner.

These weren’t really foldable… We had used of a stage area last year, which was adjacent to the machine shop. When needed the four walls would unlatch,and we could slide them in back of the stage area. 2x4 walls aren’t compact, but they are sturdy enough to sit on! I like the truss idea for a bit more portability. Field walls are bulky if you have to tear down/setup!

Speaking of - Is there anyone who has to setup the mountain/Field elements and tear it down regularly? Any thoughts on how to make that assembly easy to break into parts and assemble quickly?