[FTC]: Ring It Up - peg heights/width

Did I miss it in the manual, or did they never mention how tall each row of scoring pegs are, and how far apart they are? They also didn’t mention the height of the corner goal or ring dispensers…

If we’re supposed to figure it out by building them and measuring, I guess we’ll know in a week or two.

Anyone figure it out already?

I was at the kickoff and they measured the middle peg height: 36". I believe the others are each 12" off the middle one (in the Field Build Guide the PVC between pegs is 12" long). So the high one would be 48", and the low one would be 24".

Here’s the Build Guide: http://www.usfirst.org/sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FTC/FTC_Documents/Ring-it-Up-Build-Guide_09082012.pdf

I believe you can calculate it by looking here

I’ll calculate it myself but it will be a little while before I finish… Plus someone should check my work! ::rtm::

Length = to around 40"

Thanks Evan. I did try to calc it last night, but I was kinda burned out from the Kickoff event and brainstorming. And I suck at math. And, while they did show some PVC lengths, they didn’t show the sizes of the connecting joints, which could be 1" - 3" on their own.

Mind bending…

At the kickoff yesterday I believe they said the middle peg was 36" tall. The PVC in between each level is 12", so the high one would be about 48" and the low one would be about 24". So pretty high, actually (unless I’m wrong).

They still havent released the field drawing that they had the last few years. I did yesterday though measure up to the top peg at the bend, and it was at 46.5 inches, which is a little werid when you take into affect the measurements on the field guide they do have out.

I cant find the height of the ring dispencers either, and when I caculate them out, they seem too high compared to what I saw yesertday at our kickoff.

I got a hold of FIRST on the FTC facebook page, and they just updated the Field Set-Up Guide with the heights. The dispensers, Corner Goal, and low Rack peg is at 18", middle peg is at 31" and 44" for the top peg.

VERY NICE MattRain! Thank you so much. Smooth move using Facebook. Wish I thought of that!

So the lower posts are all the same height as max-robot height. Interesting. And the other two are plus 13". Even more interesting!