FTC Robot parts from vendors

Has anyone constructed a chart for the wall that talks about the differences with pictures for the different vendors for FTC? Before I recreate the wheel?

Not that I’ve seen. That would be quite informative.

I know VEX has their posters with motors, shafts, and gearboxes used in FRC, but some information is out of date and even misled us to change to a worse solution this season when we didn’t check the data sheet on the website more carefully.

I think an FTC data sheet would be really useful, just make sure to put a Revision number or “As of” date as parts evolve over time.

FTC Vendor Parts.pdf (5.0 MB)

Here is the one that Julie saw in our space that we made for our FTC Teams back in 2019. (Poster has NOT been updated since 2019 so we know it is now missing some of those new parts)

It helped when we had 3-5 FTC Teams in the space building to understand all the various parts and vendors in which to find those parts.

We haven’t made an FRC Vendor Parts poster since most of the building materials are now REV Ion for our FRC team.