[FTC]: Robot parts on eBay

Does anyone have experiences buying parts on eBay?

For example, the Tetrix Max 3mAh battery is usually $49 each. Yet there is a vendor on eBay selling lot of 3 for $40.

Any other experiences are also much appreciated.

Thank you.


I buy lots of stuff on eBay, the only thing is it takes forever and a half to come more often than not. You can read the product page and see the shipping time, but it’s usually 30-45 business days. As far as quality, it’s usually good enough, although I’ve never purchased batteries.

So if you feel safe purchasing much cheaper batteries, and can wait the long shipping time, then I’d say go for it.

Shipping really depends on where it is coming from and if it is crossing an international. border. For high rated vendors, their estimated shipping time is usually pretty accurate.

Batteries are something I would be cautious about buying on eBay. These could easily be knock offs or units that fail the production quality checks and are just getting offloaded. There aren’t any important battery quality metrics listed on the product page and I don’t know what recourse you’d have to return them if they are bad.

If you want them just for practice it’s probably okay, but I wouldn’t trust them for competition without at a minimum a Battery Beak, or much better would be if you have a load tester like the West Mountain Radio CBA.

As a public service, Pitsco Education is notifying users of the TETRIX® robotics building system and other robotics enthusiasts that it has identified an unauthorized reseller of rechargeable battery packs that did not pass Pitsco’s quality and safety standards. The unauthorized eBay reseller, hager_micha, is offering the defective TETRIX MAX 12-Volt Rechargeable 3,000 mAh NiMH Battery Pack in various quantities. The reseller has been notified that this particular batch of battery packs in their possession was deemed defective by Pitsco Education and that they had been delivered to an authorized recycling center for proper disposal. Buyer beware: these batteries are not under warranty and they pose a safety risk. Law enforcement and eBay officials have been notified of the situation. Thank you.