[FTC]: RobotC to legomindstorm NXT tetrix/matrix

If there is already a tread for this I have not found it yet so please refer. Otherwise…We, Team 5328, are trying to program our bot. So our version of RobotC was purchased for VEX and NXT platforms, BUT we do not have the NXT to Tetrix/matrix platform under NXT. EV3 is there with NXT, but when we select NXT there is no other platform. What the heck did we do wrong. I even decided to purchase a copy for home and it does not have the NXT - tetrix/matrix platform either. It seems that this is an ongoing problem in our school district and as this if my first season with FTC…frustrating.

You are using RobotC 4?
Make sure you have checked “External motor/servo controllers” item in the menu, this is all you need for Tetrix.

I will look at that again. Can you take a screen shot of the offending selection and up load?

You have to open either the autonomous template or the Teleop template for the option to show up. It seems to be a wierd bug.

We are using robotc 4.26 for NXT. When we goto ‘platforms’ in 4.26, select lego mindstorms, then we get the choice of NXT and EV3. There is no tetrix at all. If we select the external motor control at the bottom of the list with lego mindstorms there is no additional platform options for the tetrix/matrix if we repeat the above steps. I have seen an older version 3.xx that has it. We would like 4.26 to work correctly. Any ideas or help are welcome.

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Here is the link that I received from RobotC help. I will show it to the kids Saturday and see if we can make it work. There is no Tetrix/Matric platform as there was in Robot C 3.XX Once you turn on ‘using motor/servo controllers’ then goto File/new and select either the User Control or Autonomous templates. What I need seems to be there

Using Motor/Servo Controllers: http://help.robotc.net/WebHelpMindstorms/index.htm

I hope that other can find this helpful.

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