[FTC]: Robotcontroller App and Driver Station App compatibility issues

We updated both the FTC robot controller app and FTC driver station app from the google play store. At this point, both apps were the same version; which was version 1.6. However, the problem began when we attempted to download our robot code from the computer to our ZTE phone allotted for the robot controller. Right after doing this, the FTC robot controller app would downgrade from the updated 1.6 version down to the 1.25 version while the FTC Driver station app would remain as version 1.6. Due to the downgrade, we are currently unable to download our code onto the phone. Anyone else having these problems? If so, anyone have a proposed solution to this problem we are experiencing?

It sounds like you have version 1.25 of the SDK on your computer, and that is what you are building the program with that loads onto your computer. It replaces the robot controller that you downloaded from Google Play.

You need to update the SDK and build against that. If you are using java, you can download 1.6 software at GitHub - ftctechnh/ftc_app: FTC Android Studio project to create FTC Robot Controller app. (click the download link on the right).

If you are using MIT App Inventor, you can download the latest version here:


Both of those are compatible with the 1.6 Driver Station you downloaded from Google Play.