[FTC]: Rolling Goal Question

Dear Chief Delphi,

We are the Charging Champions (Team 8660), a rookie team from So-Cal. After reading both of the Game Manuals and watching the Game video on YouTube, we were wondering if it is legal to move a rolling goal around (with more than 5 balls).

According to Game Manual 2 (page 5), an object is considered to be controlled by a Robot, “if the object is following the movement of the robot. Examples are: pushing an object still on the Playing Field or holding or carrying a Ball. Balls Controlled by a Robot are considered to be part of the Robot. Driving through more than the maximum number of Balls is acceptable as long as they are not collected, guided, herded, etc.”

Clearly, if a robot moves the rolling goal around, it would be in violation of rule stated above. However, in the video, the robot did so, and there was no mention of a violation.

Please let us know if moving a rolling goal with more than five balls is legal. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Charging Champions

The FTC Game Q and A on the official FIRST FTC forum is your friend.

The Game Design Committee has answered this question.

Balls scored in the goals do not count to the 5 ball limit.
Proof Here