[FTC]: rubber bands?

hi, i’ve read the FTC Q&A, and know that i can use the #32 rubber bands. however, somehow i cannot post in that thread, and therefore cannot ask if we’re allowed to modify those rubber bands in anyways, such as cutting them. if anyone knows, it’s greatly appreciated.

We are allowed to cut the rubber bands. Modifying is a really sketchy word, but yes, you can cut.

so technically we can cut it and then shorten it and reattach both ends? or attach more than one to lengthen it? wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of specifying #32?

From what I remember you can do whatever you like with a rubber band as long as it does not break any of the other rules.

Well, the purpose of the rules is to make do with what you have. You only have #32. What you choose to with them after that is up to your engineering and imaginative capabilities.