[FTC]: rule clarification for Robot Alignment at start

Hey Forum,
Our teams understanding of the rule regarding alignment before the start of the match is: that we can place our robot anywhere in the starting square as long as the wheels are within the outer limit of the tape, and that other parts of the robot can overhang the tape ex. frame, or arm. We had no problems with this at our first competition in Los Angeles, but had some issues regarding this rule at the San Diego qualifiers. The rulebook seems a little unclear, anyone know the way the rule will be enforced in St. Louis?


“The robot may start in any orientation anywhere within and including the taped boundary.”

“within” would normally, to me, mean completely within the volume delineated by the described edges… So, the way I would read it, no part of the robot should extend past the virtual walls that extend upwards from the edge of the tape…

BUT… the only way to be sure is to ask on the Q&A…