[FTC]: Samantha - All three lights flashing

When our team’s Samantha was updated with the competition network settings, it was “fried”. For that competition we were able to use a samantha that was owned by the college. But now we are trying to get the original samantha to work for the state competition.

The problem with the samanatha is that when power is given to it, all three lights flash repeatedly. If a USB drive is attached with the network config OR the Samantha.hex “firmware” file the same problem happens. The USB drive will light up and flash slowly, but nothing will change.
Does anyone know of any other ways to do a hard reset on the samantha or force update the firmware?

The way to flash Samantha is as follows:

  1. Turn off the 12V Battery (robot battery)
  2. Remove the NXT USB cable from Samantha and insert the flash drive into the USB port on the Samantha
  3. Hold down the red button on the Samantha, then power on the 12V robot battery. Release the red button when the LEDs on the Samantha light up.
  4. The Samantha LEDs will cycle: Red, White, Blue, White, Red twice.
  5. After two full light cycles are complete, remove the flash drive from the Samantha and reconnect the NXT USB cable.
    Important: ENSURE two full LED light cycles complete before removing the flash drive from the module.

These instructions come from the Inspection Checklist.

We did try to flash the samantha using those exact directions.
The problem we had was that the samantha would always continue to flash all three lights regardless of what we do.

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