[FTC]: Samantha FCS - change teleop?

I currently have one program stuck as my teleop program. do you know to change the teleop program that runs through the samantha FCS to a different program?

You can use the “Program Chooser” under the “Try Me Files” on the NXT. (It should have been installed automatically by the latest version of RobotC/labview). You can also use Game-Simple menu option in RobotC. Whatever program you select in the dropdown will be made your teleop.

Ya, I no longer have the program chooser on NXT because that was the original system for last years FMS. I’m programming in Labview. the FTCconfig file seems to be where the program is referenced but even when I change that file name, it doesn’t seem to boot up when the SamoFCS connects during teleop mode. I have to run the program from the NXT myself. hmmm…

Hmm… I’m only passingly familiar with Labview, but I was pretty sure the program chooser was included by default in the labview firmware. Eitherway, yes FTCconfig is the correct file. To doublecheck what the FCS is seeing, click on the details tab. You should see something similar to this:


Does that name match what is in your FTCconfig file?

In LabVIEW if you connect to the FTC controller station, the chooser will be automatically uploaded to the nxt. Otherwise, you will need to install it manually and “Program Chooser 2.0” can be found in your ftc examples folder.