[FTC]: Samantha instructions

Instructions for using Samantha module and the new FCS have been posted:
Anyone tried them yet?

I started the yesterday got it wired turned it on, but was having trouble connecting the router and ran out of time to work so I won’t be working on it till monday I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

We’ve been running our 2008 robot using Samantha and iTouch. Not game legal, but very much fun. No need to change any Robot software, just add some hardware to the robot.

Basic steps for easy success:

  1. Load Samantha Software onto PC from Zip file
  2. Configure router with standard SSID (FTC_FIELD)
  3. Run Samantha Network Config program (to generate setup file)
  4. Put setup file on Flash Drive
  5. Plug flash drive into Samantha to transfer your setup.
  6. Run new FCS program to drive robot or use Samomoto app on itouch.

Naturally there are several details that I’ve omitted, but the online instructions show lots of good animated pics, to explain how to read the Samantha status LEDs. Learn these !!!

Samantha = fun!!!

How do you drive it with an ipod touch? I’ve spent time trying to find out how, but i can’t find anything.

The first thing you need is the ipod app for it, i believe it’s called robomoto

i looked in the appstore, and didn’t find anything…is there a website for it or something?

Download the “Samomoto” app.

  1. Setup the Samantha module to connect to your router (use the “Samantha Network Config” program).
    Make sure the white LED is blinking.

  2. Connect your ITouch to the same router.

  3. Run the Samomoto app.

  4. Click “Select”. Your NXT should show up on the list. Select it.
    The Battery level should show up green.

  5. Click “Setup”. Choose “tele” and choose you style of driving.

  6. Click “Start” and drive !!!

Question: We have the Samantha unit talking to the FCS program. My question is, should I be able to communicate to my NXT brick via Samantha unit with our LabVIEW programming environment? We we do scans for NXT, it doesn’t show up. If it’s USB connected, it does show up. If we run the FCS and configure it - it finds the Samantha unit (and it’s corresponding NXT brick).

-Ted Dressel / Programming Mentor

It sounds like Samantha support for LabView and ROBOTC will not be available this year (hopefully next). For programing, you will need to connect over USB or bluetooth this year.

The new FCS is the only way to connect over the Samantha for robot control (excluding the iPhone app).

Hi Tom.

I don’t beleive that LabVIEW can tunnel through the Samantha module to get access to the NXT USB port. It would be great if it could, but I think it would have to get around the interlocking that’s in place to protect the robots during competition.

What we do for development is use the Bluetooth for downloading the code.

This way you can leave the FCS connected for robot testing (via the Samantha module and WiFi) and just download program updates as required.
Downloads are still pretty fast via Bluetooth and latency isn’t an issue.


Thanks. I FULLY appreciate you (both of the previous folks replying) taking the time to reply.
-Ted Dressel

Ok, so I did all of this (Robot and Ipad are on the same router) I hit scan and the ipad doesn’t see it, the bot is on(not running any programs) and the white light is blinking. Help?