[FTC]: Samantha issues at VCU FRC/FTC workshops - how to fix

Today, there are FRC training workshops and two FTC fields at VCU in Richmond, VA.

I was tasked with troubleshooting issues with Samantha. Apparently, multiple teams decided to bring routers configured to broadcast FTC_FIELD. Needless to say, this posed a problem for everyone trying to connect via a router (ad-hoc connections worked fine).

At first, I tried to configure our router with another SSID to avoid issues with FTC_FIELD. But as it turns out, if the Samantha finds an FTC_FIELD network, it’ll use that network regardless of its config file.

Eventually, I realized that we could set up a network called “ftc_pit” that would not conflict with FTC_FIELD, and would enable everyone to connect. This is how we’re set up now, and multiple teams on two floor are connecting beautifully.

Just thought I’d post this in case anyone else is seeing similar issues. Hope to see everyone at States!


Excellent info! Thanks for the heads up.


Does anyone know how they are handling practice fields for FTC this year? Are we going to have to tether, use blue tooth, or will there be a secondary network for this sort of thing like 1086 made?

There should be two networks, one for the competition, and one for the pit/practice field. The newer versions of the Samantha firmware (which will be installed during inspection at the competitions), automatically toggle back and forth between the two networks, until a FCS connects to them.