[FTC]: Samantha not connecting ad-hoc

Hello. Our team is unable to get Samantha to connect via ad-hoc mode on our Windows 7, it just blinks. We have disabled bluetooth on Samantha,
and downloaded and compiled"Enable Ad-hoc". I saw the older thread on it, however it had instructions for XP.
Thanks in advance.

I concur. I am having the same issue. I’ve connected once (although I still have yet to have RobotC recognize the NXT through the Samantha).

Thanks for any input.

Also running windows 7 and RobotC 3.03

Here is a forum thread dedicated to Samantha AdHoc communications.


I gave up on Ad-Hoc and bought a Router for $50.
It’s made a HUGE! different.

We had issues with ours on ad-hoc until we updated the Samantha’s firmware with the samantha.hex file. Now it works fine.