[FTC]: Samantha Problems

I have setup my Cisco Router to the specifications given on the FIRST website. The module has been given the network info. My computer is able to locate the network, but the Samantha module lights are (Red-Continuous, White-Blinking, Blue-Continuous). FCS cannot locate the module either. If anyone can help they would be very much appreciated :yikes:

Make sure your computer is actually connected to the same network. Also, I find that holding down the red button on samantha module to put it to sleep, waiting 5 seconds, and doing that again to turn it back on tends to help alot. Also, if the samantha is not plugged into the NXT, the FMS will not be able to detect it.

Also in a lot of field setups for FIRST there are specific steps that must occur in a sequence. For instance booting one side before the other, ect. Today at the Clarkson regional one field tech told us specifically to boot up the power to the robot, motor/servo controllers and samantha, let the samantha go through it’s boot sequence and then turn on our nxt.

Hope this helps