[FTC]: samantha

We are unable to connect with our samantha on our bot. We have opened up the config file. created our ssid, downloaded to samantha and the white led only flashes. We open up our wireless network icon. sometimes we get the pc trying to connect to the samantha, but it looses the connection when the samantha does not talk back to it.

any help is greatly appreciated

I had to disable any wireless connections to other routers before I could establish a computer to computer connection. I set my advanced wireless settings to “only connect to ad-hoc networks”.

Good Luck.

Read through the manuals very thoroughly.

how do you disbable connection to other routers? we only have one router connected. do you mean you disabled the other networks?
I have read the manuals. which connection manual are you using? WPA , WET unsecured? ad hoc??

right click your wireless. “view available networks”. “change advanced settings”
Then see the picture below. I had to select "connect to ad-hoc only. this disabled connecting to my schools network - which it wanted to do automatically.

connecting via adhoc was the manual I used.

good luck.



thanks i will give it a try