[FTC]: Same Parts in 2009-2010 Season?

Has anyone heard whether or not FIRST is going to commit to using the same parts kit for FTC for next season?

I’m sure TETRIX is going to be used for a while. As for additional sensors or parts that you can add?? Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope Pitsco develops more parts for the Tetrix system. Different types of metal, chain, sprockets, etc. etc.

I was thinking more along the lines of, “Is FIRST going to go the FRC route, where no guarantees are made that this year’s kit will work next year, or are they committed to the current platform with steady improvements (like Vex)?”

Sorry if I worded this poorly the first time. The shortest version is, “Will FIRST protect our investment this time, or are we going to have to start from scratch again?”

Well, earlier, FIRST was technically still in it’s Pilot years with FTC, so…I’m pretty sure that this is the kit that we’ll be using for a long time.

One can only hope we will use the same kit again (not because I love this kit, but because if we go to another kit, its starting to get expensive if we will have to buy new kits ever year or two).

I think it would be a good bet that we won’t have to switch again next year, but after that, who knows. (again anyone elses guess is as good as mine).