[FTC]: Score Calculator

I have created a score calculator for Quad Quandary. The instructions on how to use it and a link to the download can be found here. It is written in Java so it can run on any platform.

As to the usefulness of this program, well that’s debatable - I just created it because I wanted to teach myself some more Java after taking the intro computer science class at my college this past semester. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

Attached is a screen shot of the program, running under OS X 10.4.

Great to hear from a former Occam’s Engineer. I trust college is going well.

Question: Any news from your the current Occam’s Engineers? They have surfaced at any scrimmages or tournaments yet. I understand that they will be at DE, NJ, and PA.

Best wishes. The former seniors of Occam’s started a good legacy.

See you at the events - Team Overdrive #74

I have significantly updated the program. It can now support both alliances manually setting their own selections, as well as having an automatic response. Additionally match results can be save as a CSV file which can be opened by any spreadsheet application (such as Excel).

Furthermore a few minor improvements: there is a now a reset all button, and it is possible to change team names and numbers.

The new version along with directions on usage (which I strongly suggest reading) can be found here.

Thank you for making this program. It looks really well done.