[FTC]: Scoring Ball in Autonomous

Hey Chief Delphi,

We had a question regarding autonomous play. If you score a ball in the center goal during autonomous, does the ref remove it before the tele-op begins or do the balls that are already in the center goal count towards the tele-op score?

For example, lets say you scored 10 cm worth of balls in the center goal during autonomous. During tele-op, you score 10 more cm. Is the total 60 points in autonomous and (20 * 6 = 120) points from tele-op (180 points in total), or is it 60 points from autonomous and (10 * 6 = 60) points from tele-op (120 points in total)?

Thanks for taking the time to read this question.

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This was asked and answered in the game Q&A thread. The balls stay there for teleop and contribute to the final teleop center goal score.