[FTC]: Scoring Program Not Importing Data Correctly

The FTC Scoring program is not importing the league competition information correctly.

We’ve run our first league meets and when closing out the program it prompts to export the match data for the next meet. The text file created looks correct and all the data appears to be in it.

When starting a new instance of the scoring program with the event type set to “Meet,” team import prompts you to load the previous league event. When imported, the teams show up correctly but the previous match data does not load. It doesn’t look at all like it shows on the bottom of page 12 of the “scoring-system-guide-league-meet.pdf”

Anyone have any tips? Anyone I can email or call at FIRST? I don’t see a section of the FIRST forum that deals with event issues.
Any guidance appreciated.

I encountered the same issue. I contacted FIRST and they sent me the following:

"The error is in the manual itself. This season, we removed the overall league rankings from individual meets so that each event can be viewed as a new or fresh start for each team. "