[FTC]: Servo Question

When we power up the robot, the servo centers. How can we set the servo so it doesn’t do this?

We are using Labview.

Team 55

Uh…A couple things.

  1. When a program starts, you almost always have an infinite loop in there to do the driving and junk. While I’m sorry I cannot help you with LabView, I can help you and show you the flow.

Servo[one] = 50; - This line sets the Servo as a hypothetical position 50.

While( 1== 1) - Now you have your infinite loop and you run all of your remainder code down here.

So basically what you’ve done is that right when you start up, before you enter the forever loop, you set the servo value and almost instantaneously, your servo will jump to that position first. Then any servo value changes can be made in this section of the code.


Sorry about no LabView. But as far as “flow” is considered, that is how it would run.