[FTC]: "Servo-Saver" legal?

My teams frequently have issues with servos burning out-I was on a vendors website and found this device:

It appears to be a COTS part…can anyone tell me if it is legal for FTC use?

Thanks in advance!

The only correct place to ask questions about the legality of parts is in the FTC forums. Specifically, here.

That being said, I’ll take a guess that it is legal. It appears to only rotate, which means it fits the 1 degree of freedom rule, and doesn’t appear to be made of anything hazardous. Again, I would highly recommend asking on the forum for an official ruling. Unlike for FRC, the FTC Q&A tends to be a bit more helpful when asking about specific parts.

Thanks…I forgot about the other site…got the FRC build season blues!


No problem! Good luck with the rest of your season!

We love the actobotics servo blocks. Not sure if they’d meet your use case, but we try to put one on all of our servos.
Let me know if you have any more FTC questions- it’s more of my area of expertise(3 years FTC, 1st year FRC)

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