[FTC]: Servos locking up when deploying FTC code to NXT

My FTC team is having a hard time programming our servos. We have programmed the system so that one button on the gamepad makes the servo go to one place, and another button makes it go to a different position. This setup works perfectly when running as a “prototype” program, but when we deploy it as actual “FTC” code, the servos will twitch when the button is pressed, then become non-responsive. Any help is appreciated, and since our competition is tomorrow, we are really in need of a solution.

Could you post the code? There may be a variety of reasons that it’s not working and we can only know for sure if we can see your code.

Sorry for the late response, but we fixed it. As it turned out, it was linked to a completely nonrelated issue: We got the schematic in the program wrong.

It doesn’t sound like your problem, but for others, there is a patch tole which fixes another servo problem. There is a new feedallwatchdogs.vi that van fix botching servos. Saw the problem at Md qual yesterday.

Here is the vi that needs to be loaded into:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\vi.lib\NXT\HiTechnic

It’s FeedAllTETRIXWatchdogs.vi

If you are using servos, and they don’t respond correctly in auto or teleop… it’s worth downloading.

Whippet we are having the exact same issue that you are describing. Can you give us some insight into what you did to resolve the issue.

Thanks so much for providing this link. We were at the Missouri state event and found this thread by random luck right before the national anthem started for the event and had rewritten our code several times thinking that we had a coding issue. We even switched motor controllers and were about to switch servos.
The problem is very weird in that it only affected out 5 and 6 servo ports on the servo controller while all other servos worked fine.