[FTC]: Software Inspection Pre-Check Tool

Hello teams!

Are you ready for inspection? It can be a pain flipping through multiple phones’ settings to check all of the requirements on the software portions of the inspection checklists. The programmers on Team HazMat (FTC 9277 and 10650) have created an app that automatically checks your robot controller and driver station phones for all of the requirements for Field and Robot Inspection and displays them on one handy screen. Download it from the Play Store and check your phones before competition to avoid any surprises!

The most common errors are an improperly named phone (should be in the form 9277-DS for the driver station and 9277-RC for the robot controller), and an absence of the channel changer app, which is not required officially by FIRST but has been STRONGLY recommended for all teams to have.

Pick up the app here and view and contribute to the source code here!

Cool! This is a great tool to have!

Thank you very much!