[FTC]: Sooo where you at?

So our team competes this saturday at the SC State Championship Competition. I’m wondering how the teams are doing i mean everyone in general not just SC teams. :smiley:

Wow your states are early. Exploding Bacon is doing great headed to our second Qualifier on December 12th. Robots been done now we are just working out the kinks :smiley:

3750 is a rookie team and we’re going to be at clarkson friday. We didn’t spend as much time testing and designing as we should have and a busy working on a low brow bot that’ll score in the low goal and hord

I saw your video on Youtube it was preety sweet i videoing our robot to make the same sort of thing.

With 40 balls, can you just hold that many on your robot or can you actually hold them and fire them all. if you can you should put that in the video, just to content the skeptics like me. if you can, how on earth did you manage jamming problems in that hopper?

You have a point there my teams robot if we just filled the hopper with balls we could hold 55 balls. But with the agitator running in our hopper it isnt a good idea to load it to that extent or it’ll get jammed.

we can hold over 40 balls with the current config in the video. But it jammed for many reasons, but we fixed that and are working on a second video with all the new things in our robot. The new configuration has no jamming and is much faster than the previous design. We are working on consistency of the shooter and autonomous now along with a few extra things:D a new video will be up hopefully in a week or so