[FTC]: Sources for FTC plastics.


I found one online store that stocks all of the legal FTC platic materials in the correct thicknesses.

ABS, KYDEX, PETG and Polycarb.

I ordered several 2x2 pieces of each type.


They have a minimum dollar limit, below which you get charged a small handling fee.

Maybe some close teams could place a combined order.

Make sure you select the correct thicknesses.

They have a cool camoflage Kydex, but it’s too thick. We had to go with plain black.

Thanks Phil. Also, McMaster-Carr sells the ABS, PETG, and Polycarb - not the Kydex. They also carry the alluminum, PVC, and wire rope. They’re shipping and speed of delivery are excellent. I guess it also helps that I’m located in Atlanta.