[FTC]: Starting programs in RobotC

We have had very few problems running RobotC programs through Samantha FCS. We would like to run programs straight out of RobotC without having to go through the FCS. Whenever we try the NXT always says “Waiting for start”. I’m guessing that the NXT is waiting for the FCS to tell it to start. Is there a way around this in RobotC? My only thought is to have two copies of the program. One using the official FTC templates the other without, I would just prefer to not have two copies of each program to keep track of.

If there is an easy way to run offical template programs straight out of RobotC we would appreciate the help!


You need to use the game joystick debug window.
Select Robot, Debug Windows, Joystick Control - Game. There you have access to several radio buttons for start/stop & autonomous/tele-op just like the FCS would control.

Also, the “waitforstart();” command (I may have written it wrong) in the RobotC teleop template doesn’t let the program run until it gets a signal from the FCS. Comment it out of the program by putting two slashes before the command.

Yes, you need to use the Samantha FCS or in RobotC the Joystick - Game window, and I think you should. It gives you the values of the X and Y points of the analog sticks and which buttons are pressed in real time. It also enables real-time control of enabling or disabling programs and a program chooser so you can choose other programs to run.