[FTC]: Tank Treads in PTC

Does anyone know if there are FTC Part Kit updates that include the tank treads and idlers?


From my original sources I have not seen anything new in CAD models. These are what I have used in the past. If the CADs are out for the new parts, I do not know where to get them. This is all I know sorry if I couldn’t help.


Here are my links

Universal file formats-


PTC specific files-


Anyone find these yet? If so can someone post the link?

We have made a PTC model of the Tetrix tread! Download it from our website. We haven’t made it compatible with the inserts yet. Please give us feedback!

No sprockets of idlers? I guess if you don’t I need to get my hands on one of these so i can just do it myself.

Hi, we also made our own tank treads in CAD. (:

We just put up our website and blog as this is our first year in FTC, so here’s the link to our blog post about the tank treads… (we do have the insert area in our cad model, and examples of them hooked up)

We also plan on making the inserts soon. (:

At our website, we also plan on putting up more CAD models for all the rest of the “missing pieces” from the kit of parts.

You guys just made my night! Btw your website is looking really nice since the last time I looked at it.

Although we don’t have a tank tread, we do have a few other standard parts (the Samantha module and clips for instance) that we’ve created.

You can download any or all of them at: