[FTC]: team 127 wants your opinion

I just want everyone to reply to this thread. Personally, my team and i think that FIRST robotics contestants that do very well (like getting invited to Atlanta) should be able to get lettermans like all the other people in school that do athletics and band competitions. We just want to know everyone else thoughts and feelings about this. Please reply.:]

I’m not sure what a “letterman” is, (is it an American term? I’m Canadian) but it sounds kind of like the MVP and MIP awards, and I think that those kind of awards would be difficult to award, or at least would have to be changed quite a bit. How can you decide wether to give the award to a really good programmer, or a really good mechanical designer?

Then again, I suppose its probably pretty hard for all sports.

Either way, I agree that robotics deserves as much recognition as the rest of the sports, for sure, wehther or not by the same method is debateable.

I believe he means a letter jacket. There are schools who give robotics letters. I’ve given him some search terms to help find old threads on the topic.

Don’t ask me how to get a letter for said jacket; my school doesn’t do that sort of thing.

Wow, deja vu. Seriously, this has been discussed to great lengths on several threads. It usually leads to a debate of some form. Please remember to use the search tool before posting.

HI FIGHTING PICKLES! This is 3033, Your robot at San Antonio was SO BEAST!

Our school has been trying to get a letter for some years now.

The way I see it is that if a football starts all of his games. He gets a letter, regardless of whether the team gets into the playoffs.

My team has recently acquired a letter. We have offered a system which includes fulfilling a hour requirement. Basically be there 90% of the time and you can have a letter, which includes all competitions.

Because, you may not get to atlanta year after year, but team members deserve to be recognized for their work each year.

Seriously, I did a quick search of letter jacket. Below is the results:


Please use the “search before you post” mentality and let’s not start yet another thread on the exact same topic.