[FTC]: Teams doing FTC or VEX

So I’m just curious as to which teams are going to be doing FTC and which ones are going to be doing VEX (and which ones are going to be doing both). I know that most people who post in this subforum will be doing at least FTC, so I’m wondering what people know about other teams.

Only VEX, mostly because we already have large amounts of vex parts, and great citywide sponsorship that comes indirectly through IFI, for free registration and large amounts of extra VEX kits, for all schools in our area. We’d rather do just one well than split our focus too much.

The Cheesy Poofs (Previously FTC #567) will no longer be competing in FTC , and will only be competing in FRC (#254) and VEX (#254) for the 2008-2009 School Year

Well, team 1261 had planned to compete in both VEX and FTC. But, this year our VEX regional has been moved to november, and all of our VEX parts are out among the fall program members so…yeah.

Unless we plan to travel to Alabama for their regional, we’re unlikely doing VEX this year.

The Rock-n-Roll Robots (#25) will be sticking with FTC for this year. No Vex for us, although the fact that most if not all of the FTC regionals near us are going to be held in February or later is pretty annoying.

We’re doing Vex only this year. After 3 years, we have accumulated $1000+ of Vex equipment, and it takes 3-10 Saturdays of car washes to earn that kind of money. The current registration system means that we can run 2 teams/year on $100 (our tournament fees will probably be free) – one car wash, not 10.

The other reason has to do with learning. After 3 years, the pioneers (seniors) are ready to graduate but are able to pass along some of their Vex knowledge before they go. The rookies have learned at a much faster rate than the seniors did when they were freshmen. With continuity, the ratio of frustration:learning is lower. The only adult technical mentor is also going to “graduate” with the seniors, so starting all over would not be wise.

For someone starting with no pre-existing equipment or knowledge of either system, I could see the incentive to join FTC being higher.

We are doing two Vex robots (Team 81 and 82) this year. Our primary reasons are that we have a large supply of Vex parts, we have experience in the building skills and the programming and as the Mentor running the Vex program I’m much happier with that platform.

As a secondary issue, I wasn’t happy with the way the FTC transition was done. Since the company I work for is the primary sponsor, program funding was in favor of the Innovation First program.

Team 121, previously 655 Rhode Rage, will be doing FTC this year. We did accumulate a lot of parts this year but it would be hard to go to to Championships in different locations being that we are also on FRC 121 Rhode Warriors.

FRC Team 1885 will have 4 FTC teams. We originally planned only two teams. Then a group of seniors bought their own kit so we paid for the registration, and we had enough parental support (aka pressure, food, and funding) that we made a 4th team. The seniors have refused help from the mentors so they can see what they’ve learned, and so far they’re kicking butt.

The county still does VEX in the middle schools, and I mentor two teams at one of the schools. It’s fun to see the different perspectives of middle school vs high school. It’s also fun to stay in familiar territory with VEX while also expanding into FTC. I’m taking a much more hands-off ‘consultant’ approach this year so I definitely shouldn’t get burnt out before January.