FTC TeamTracker?

Hey all! So I have been working recently to create TeamTracker, a way to follow multiple teams across multiple events and be able to watch all of their matches as they come. Currently, this only works for FRC, but a few people got some good use out of it, so I was wondering if there would be a wants for it for FTC as well. If you’re interested, please let me know in the poll! Thanks!

  • I’ve used TeamTracker and would like it for FTC.
  • I haven’t used TeamTracker, but am interested in it for FTC.
  • I don’t think FTC needs something like this.

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This would be really cool and useful for FTC but i’m not sure how it would work. First off very few events have live streamed. Even fewer events upload results live, and even fewer events than that cut up the stream and post individual matches. That being said, the closest thing to this that already exists is TOAText, a texting service for looking up teams, as well as live alerts. FTC is still in the dark ages of data availability, but it is getting better. 1718 season was the pilot year of the orange alliance, and it missed a lot of events that year. The 1819 season had a lot more events uploaded, and they started a streaming service that a few regions used. I’m sure the 1920 season will be even better, but having live data uploading and a stream at every event is still very far away.

Fair enough, I’ve been so caught up in FRC I haven’t gotten a chance to see how TOA etc. works, when updates are, etc. Thank you for the info! It sounds like some people are interested in it, so I’ll keep it on my list to try out, but it may have to wait a few years until, as you say, data availability improves. Thanks for letting me know!