[FTC]: Teleop - that creates an auton?

Has anyone explored writing a tele-op code that would store commands and translate those commands to an autonomous program?

I have indeed played with this idea in the past… however, I haven’t had the time to actually try to do this. I guess it could be possible if you could read the values of the encoders on the motors and log that in a file. You could then write a program that takes the raw data and converts that into autonomous code.

Several teams have done this in the past & while we’ve been able to make it work, the consensus seems to be that a traditionally programmed autonomous is the better way to go.

Please see this thread on the ROBOTC forums for more details:

Well what our developer did to create the program was use a simple Teleop program that shows all the encoder values. Wrote each value down after each step and created it from that.

I used an interface to store encoder values that I then used in a similar fashion.