[FTC]: Tetrix DC Motor vs. Hitech Continuous Rotation Servo vs. NXT Motor Power?

Hello. Our team is in the middle of reworking our robot, and while thinking through the design, we realized that our ideal design would use 10 Tetrix DC motors instead of the maximum of 8. So, for one of our components that would normally use 2 DC Motors, we decided we would have to use something other than a DC Motor such as a continuous rotation servo or a NXT motor. Right now we have 10 continuous rotation servos that we can use without going over the limit, and 3 NXT motors that we can use. Which of these two options do you think would get us the closest to the power of a Tetrix DC motor? Or if we geared multiple continuous rotation servos together, would that provide us a similar amount of power? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.