[FTC]: Tetrix Servo Joint Pivot Brackets


How do you assemble these things??

We tried it as shown in the image attached. The little screw that goes through the bearing stops the servo from sitting down all the way in it’s bracket.


Solution acquired!

Mr. Gardner from FTC 6124 was kind enough to share this Tetrix resource:


Meh, still not lining up quite right. I bored out the hold in the bottom of the servo bracket and dropped the bearing through, but it’s too short to catch the whole other edge of the pivot bracket…

Are you using 485 servos? The brackets pictured were designed for the 475 servos, which were just a little bit thinner than the 485s. We have found that we have to bend the servo bracket open just a little bit (and then back to parallel, just farther apart), and then the pivot bracket open just a little bit, to make it all work. I don’t think you want to enlarge the whole on the back of the servo bracket.

Just go to Servo City and get the Hitec model FTC approved CNC machined servo block for ~$27. It ia a way more serious design.

Be sure to get the hole pattern hub adaprer ring for attachng the FTC/Tetrix hole pattern parts, as their hole pattern is slightly larger than the Tetrix one.

-Dick Ledford

If anyone is still using these apparently out-of-production servo mounts, the correct way to assemble it is to bolt the bearing directly to the servo bracket, with the flange against the bracket. Slight spring tension holds this assembly to the outer U-bracket.