[FTC]: Trouble with HiTechnic DC Controllers

](http://postimg.org/image/9jazyjwq7/)http://s27.postimg.org/9jazyjwq7/dc_motor_controller.jpghttp://postimg.org/image/9jazyjwq7/Dear Chief Delphi forum,

We have recently been experiencing problems with our HiTechnic DC motor controllers. When testing our wiring we found out that the “right side” ports (The motor one ports - see figure attached) for two of our controllers did not work, yet the left side ones did.

We tested and confirmed that the wires and components of the controller were alright by swapping them to the working port. Thus the issue is isolated to this specific Port One in each DC motor controller.

Now, instead of 6 ports from 3 controllers we have just 4 working ports (on one of the controllers, both of the ports work) Questions:

  1. Has this ever happened to your team: (where just a specific port on the controller stopped working but the entire controller did not)? How was it fixed?

  2. Has this ever happened to your team: (where the same specific port on every controller stopped working)? How was it fixed?

  3. Is there some sort of factory reset button on the controller?


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Have you tried switching your NXT I2C cables? And can you post the code that you are using to test the controllers?

We did try switching the NXT cables. The problem is that when the motor is spun, the LED on the controller does not light up.

We will post the code soon.