FTC University Challenge - 5 Robots in 30 Hours - Live Saturday-Sunday

FTC Kickoff is this weekend! FUN will be live in Reno, NV to film the FTC University challenge where we have 4 teams building 5 robots (three teams are remote)! We will be live streaming for about 30 hours straight so I hope you will stop by and say hi and we have some cool games prizes too from goBILDA and REV! Expect to see many videos on our YouTube channel as well on unboxings, strategy discussions, prototypes assembly of sub-systems, programming and live matches!

Here’s our schedule:

Live stream https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Video uploads: https://youtube.com/firstupdatesnow

Saturday: 1:30pm ET Stream starts - Strategy discussion
2pm-7pm ET: Initial prototyping, programming and building
7pm ET FUN FTC Crew will provide a breakdown of the game and their analysis
8pm ET Kahoot FTC Trivia with FTC 8417 'Lectric Legends
9pm ET FTC University Challenge Day 1 Recap
10pm ET-2pm ET (Sunday) Assembly, testing and more late night shenanigan’s (expect 3am piano playing)
Sunday 2pm ET: Mid-day check-in
7pm ET: Robot reveals and Match play! We will have both a full field setup and a 1/2 field remote play setup so you can see how both are going to take place.


University Challenge has started! Come say hi to team Reno and check out tons of videos being uploaded to https://youtube.com/firstupdatesnow

Live stream: https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Starting with a field overview and then strategy!

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First set of videos are up for the FTC University Challenge!

Ring Toss Tossing is Difficult (Competition): https://youtu.be/AZa2mkbJDP0

ULTIMATE GOAL Initial Goal Strategies - Team Reno : https://youtu.be/VwrwTo5XS8E

ULTIMATE GOAL Field Walk Through: https://youtu.be/3BIc2Zygqms

goBILDA Care Package Unboxing: https://youtu.be/WP4ZIAM4YiA

REV Care Package Unboxing: https://youtu.be/3gmyx_MFU3U

Wobble Goal Stability and Capacity Test: https://youtu.be/G0r1MQ482o4

Ring Launcher Prototype: https://youtu.be/N9XgOUUDqm4

Good morning!

We are 8 hours away from reveals of now 6 robots at 7pm eastern at twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Lot’s of great videos are still being uploaded for ULTIMATE GOAL at youtube.com/firstupdatesnow

Return Racks Drop Distribution Test https://youtu.be/894353hZlig

Rings and Tower Goal Interactions: https://youtu.be/-cE1VXAFH-c

Shooting Tests Team UNLV Robotics https://youtu.be/d7v207LmuRI

ULTIMATE GOAL Field Element Weights Team Not-A-Bot https://youtu.be/OrTvhDVxxro

Day 1 Update Team UNLV Robotics https://youtu.be/e0HlUnbqViY

ULTIMATE GOAL Full Strategy Breakdown Team CU Hyperloop https://youtu.be/cJNPwlryBNM

Ranging Methods Breakdown Team CU Hyperloop https://youtu.be/ovVPKtDDYuY

Remote ULTIMATE GOAL Field Assembly https://youtu.be/yIaLLdZpzjo

Utilizing the FTC REV Starter Kit - Team Not-A-Bot https://youtu.be/Y2B2a8Qet8w

Full 90 Second Cycle Scoring Team Reno: https://youtu.be/sbks8ujJ1J8

Team Reno Day 1 Recap https://youtu.be/_hjB4Kyu1rY

Kettering Bulldogs Robot in 30 Hours Interview: https://youtu.be/Pvbg2UWQ_TU

UNLV Robotics Day 2 Early Update: https://youtu.be/VBLa2iC5xTI

Team Reno Scores a Ring https://youtu.be/WK1AYb_ijb8

Shooting Rings from the Launch Zone Team Reno https://youtu.be/E_ivfzZ8ONo

Scoring on the Wobble Goal Team Reno https://youtu.be/uWeyhGIFEIY

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