[FTC]: Use of Non-Slip Pad?

We are encountering some comprehension problems when we go to use the non-slip pad. How would one go about mounting it to a Tetrix building element?

Thanks in advance,
Team HAL

zip ties, bolts, metal cable,or rope.
you can zip tie/bolt through the holes in the grip cloth

I hope this helps.

Thanks, and are there rules regarding SCREWING a lego tire into a 3in wheel so that it wont walk off when the wheels are spun.

nope. not that i know of. but check the rule book.

I actually utilized some ropes that we were allowed to use. Not the huge ones but the size of a thread or like yarn. I had used my sowing skills and eventually sowed the non slip pad together or for any other purposes. Zip ties, I believe fishing wire is allowed, and many more, you should look at the manual, they helped me a lot since they gave me an idea on what we should use and not to. Good luck!

Any idea what counts as “non-slip pad” This year’s rules specify some examples which are a shelf liner, but our team used the type of non-slip pad sold to set on a car dash (for cell phones, wallets, etc.). We were cautioned against it although the judge didn’t seem quite sure.

We are currently working on developing and implementing our first conveyor belt system and while trying to figure out how to properly tension and join the ends of the belt, non-slip pad, we found that the best way is to take two flat bars and sandwich then overlap the two ends between them, then screw the flat bars together as tight as possible. The belt will deform before it comes apart.