[FTC]: Version 1.5 of FTC Apps stability?

Hi All - Our team (4318) ran the Maryland Howard County 1 Qualifier yesterday. I was Lead Inspector and overall “get all the robots working guy”. Happy to say that all teams ran, though a couple missed the morning. However:

we made a recommendation to teams attending the qualifier that they upgrade to version 1.5 of both the Driver’s Station and Robot Controller Apps. We had a number of bots with software issues. As with any qualifier, it was very difficult to ascertain root cause. Mantra was: "Get the robots running . . . "

The two things I did note, is we got a couple of robots running by down-grading both DC and RC Apps back to 1.25. One of these same bots had lost joy stick control. The other was too much of a mess to blame any particular item. There were a couple of other bots that seemed to have joystick issues, but ending up running.

As I don’t have a lot of data, I was wondering if others are seeing any issues with V1.5. I am asking for selfish reasons as out team is running 1.25 and we are/were planning on upgrading. We have been very stable running 1.25. In advance, thanks.

The only problem I’ve seen is the new bug in the SDK in initializing gamepad references described at this link:

If a team is trying to use the gamepad references when an OpMode instance is constructed, in the init() method, or in the init_loop() method, the new SDK will throw an error because the gamepad instances seem to be instantiated later in the new SDK than they were in the old one. The workaround reported in the thread seems to work.

Thanks - much appreciated!! I’ll let our software folks know.

The “other” known issue with the latest release (1.5) is that if the Joysticks are plugged in when the phone is powered on, they aren’t recognized when you try to do a “start A or B”.

This is an unfortunate change that slipped trough when some other Joystick fixes were implemented.

You just need to unplug and re-plug the Joystick hub cable AT THE PHONE.

This will then let them be assigned with Start A and B.

This can be done at any time after powering up the phone. (including when the app is running)


Thanks Phil - this explains some of the intermittent joystick behavior I saw at Howard County 1 Qualifier. Has G-Force upgraded to 1.5? We have been pretty stable on 1.25, so we are bit leery about switching. With that said, the long list of fixes associated with 1.5 makes us want to drop 1.25.

Thanks and we’ll see you on the 21st.


The beta version described at http://ftcforum.usfirst.org/showthread.php?6479-Heads-up-New-quot-beta-quot-branch-released-on-GitHub-Repository-(App-Inventor-to-follow)&p=26417#post26417 may fix some of these issues. From this page: “Code changes to fix the null gamepad reference when users try to reference the gamepads in the init() portion of their op mode.”