Before you tell me to read the manual I was just wondering if for FTC teams, are we allowed to buy fasteners larger than the vex length from hardware stores? The screws would just be a bit longer but the same thread count. If I could get some input that would be great. Thanks

We are only allowed to use the VEX parts, so if the screw is different in any way from the VEX part, then I am sure this would not be allowed. Try posting it in the Q and A forum for an exact answer.

I believe that we are only allowed to use the same size of screws that came with the kit, although additional screws and nuts of the same size can be purchased from different places.

I am very sure the vex fasteners are all legal, but double check on the Q/A forum.

Sorry about the confusion, i mean the same size and type that came with the VEX kit. so if you go get a longer screw, it would be illegal.

Oh yes sorry, all vex fasteners are allowed too.

Don’t forget that IFI has many lengths of the screws besides the sizes that came in the kits last year. Check the vexlabs website for all the screw lengths. I just checked the site and the srews come in lengths up to 2". You may also be able to rig up something with the threaded beams and threaded couplers to make a longer screw. Good luck.