[FTC]: Vex field tiles vs. Soft Tiles

We have a little money left over and are thinking about purchasing tiles for a competition floor. Our school already has an account setup with Vex(IFI) so it would be much easier to order from them. We compete in FTC which uses the Soft Tiles (officially).

Does anyone know if the Vex tiles are substantially different?



The VEX tiles are identical.


Thanks for your help.

Don’t know what the prices are, but I do konw what Softtiles offers a 10% discount to FIRST teams.

It’s also probably usefull if you get two red and two blue tiles for starting positions.

I’ve purchased sets from both Soft Tiles and from VEX. The current VEX set comes with 40 tiles, including 36 gray plus two red and two blue, for $189.99. Soft Tile mats are normally $5.80 per tile, with a 10% FIRST discount for a net price of $5.22 each. For 40 tiles this comes to $208.80. Both companies charge for shipping.

I believe the Soft Tiles are 5/8" thick. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind using 3/8" thick tiles, you can save a ton by getting near-identical tiles through one of the Amazon.com sellers such as: We Sell Mats

I’ve used these for a practice field and they have the same smooth-side on the other side of the tiles.

$89.99 beats the heck out of Vex’s $189.99!

You get what you pay for. The VEX field tiles are much thicker, nearly 7/8 of an inch , so the price is higher. I recently needed to measure one because I used it as part of a project cutting them out into stars using a water jet cutter. 3/8" thick may work for your application saving you some money.