[FTC]: Video of the best robots

Hi guys,

I have been looking at some FTC videos, and I cannot seem to find much in the way of successful robots this year (think PowerSurge from 2009). Whether that is a result of people being more secretive, or just that this year’s challenge is really hard I’m not sure. Do any of you have videos of some good teams in their matches?


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Nah, it’s just that hard. Plus, most teams already have basic autonomous modes, so because of the chaos on the field, teams don’t try anything too ambitious like PowerSurge.

I think the success rate of certain autonomous programs can be ambiguous.

Here is a link of a team with a really good autonomous program back in December:


Now here is the same team in the NorCal FTC tournament, you’ll be surprised!


Mostly I think you need to train your local referees and field crew to not stand in front of fields during matches.

While FTC 1902 is not attending the Championship Event, their robot was still pretty darn cool. Here is a link to the team’s judge’s video, robot footage starts at 2 minutes

FTC 1902 Exploding Bacon 2011

Wow, that is really cool! how does it back into the dispenser while holding the goal?

They used that as their end game strategy while the partner balanced.

During normal teleop it could hold 5 batons, find a goal, and dump. It did this very well in autonomous, too.

Well this post is kinda odd, but anyhow I don’t think its just the robot that matters, I think the Drive Team is very big part (and how they work with there Alliance partner). I don’t think this post is based on GP, because thats not the goal, its that the kids do there best and have fun :). Plus I don’t like to blow my own horn, just don’t hold my that against me. P.S I like it when teams show off there robot because other teams like to see how it works and people that aren’t on a team would like seeing all the cool and creative robots that we (the FIRST teams) build :slight_smile:


Well, I suppose our robot’s pretty creative. It gets around the possession rule. Here’s a video of it not working - just to give you an idea of what it’s supposed to do.
It’s been working more effectively recently; we were the winning alliance partner at two state championships.

Well I can show you an interesting autonomous period. Here is our robot in the Finals of the Pennsylvania State Tournament:


Thats hysterical, I never thought I would actually see something like that happen!

Yup, that’s our sister team 4311, Watt the Hex? They just barely didn’t make it to St. Louis.
Here’s something funny: last Saturday, there was a practice scrimmage for all the world qualifiers in the area, and they stood in for a team who couldn’t make it. And they won. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I had to miss that challenge for a funeral so we put in two drivers that had never driven in their lives. Of course, we wound up getting dead last, but don’t worry because it was all a big hustle for the world championship :smiley:

Our team had to do something very similar to that at South Carolina’s state championship. We had already won in TN but in SC we had to give up the spots to drivers who had no clue.

Just got back from a day with…the great…DEAN KAMEN! We were lucky enough to present our robot at the Franklin Institue and sure enough he shows up! I attached a blurry photo of him actually driving our robot. Never again will I wash those joysticks. :smiley:

Your robot has been touched by the hand of magic. You will now win. I should just stay home.