[FTC]: Voltage regulator

Is it legal to use a voltage regulator like this: http://www.pololu.com/product/2577 to regulate the input voltage to a HiTechnic Servo Controller?

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ANSWER! Ask on the FTC forum using the log-in on your team’s TIMS page to log on to the forum and ask

<R08>v: Electrical components that are not specifically allowed by the rules (i.e. sensors, batteries, microprocessors, etc.) are not permitted. Note that Microprocessors may be used only when connected thru the HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype Board or the NXT Prototype Board.

I did not see anything about voltage regulators throughout the rules, so in my opinion, no they are not, you can ask just to double check though. Distribution boards such as the RIGrunner are legal though.

To what end? You are already getting ~12V from the battery.
Is the controller so sensitive that if your battery is outputing 14V
it has problems?

I am not sure what purpose they wanted it for, but I know that on our robot when our battery ISN’T at 14V it’s unusual because it seems to go unbearably slow when it is >13.5V. We always run like that with a fully charged battery, and we have never lost any electrical components besides motors because we stall them.

I might could understand it in response to the Tetrix Motors drawing too much power, especially with the issues we’ve seen with the version 2 motors. Using it on the servo controller only leaves me scratching my head. :confused:

Makes sense to me and I’d like to see it be allowed next year. Servos will twitch if the voltage sags when a DC motor is heavily loaded. It was a problem that gave my team fits during Hot Shot! as it the twitch was enough to alter the aim of their whiffle ball aiming mechanism.

At the STL kickoff event at the Science Center they made out the TETRIX V2 motors to be the most fantastic things ever, and yes in some ways they are better, but they said the people at TETRIX (Or Pitsco or the FTC GDC or wherever) couldn’t burn them out… We have burned out three and shattered a gear on another already (State Regional hasn’t even happened yet) and in the other two years we have been in FTC, we have only burned out two.Maybe we are being really hard on them, but I had such high hopes for the new motors. :frowning: On the V3s it would be FANTASTIC if they could add a built in, adjustable torque slip clutch to the gearbox. That would reduce a LOT of the problems. And take a cue from the CIMs and make the whole motor the same circumference so we don’t only have like an inch and a half to mount it. (Someone from Pitsco please see this!)

The Tetrix Servo Controllers have a built in 5V regulator.

Colton Mehlhoff