[FTC]: What counts as a "stack"?

I looked through the game manual but I am still unclear about this.

If a stack of crates is separated by a thin piece of metal, does it count as a stack? In other words, if a stack consisted on the bottom-most crate, then a thin piece of metal, then a second crate, what would score would this get? (Assume each crate has one ball in it, and is upright, open side up.)

At the end of a match, if a bot is holding a stack of crates (not in contact with the ground) and the bot is on the platform, does the 10-point bonus for a stack on the platform apply?

are you talking about stack attack? I am soo confused… ?

Disclaimer: I can’t answer the OP’s question, just attempting to clear up confusion.

The OP is a member of FTC and is asking a question about their game “Bowled Over!”.

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My understanding of the rules is that it isn’t the fact that the crates are stacked that nets you bonus points it is the height of the box measured from the playing field floor.

Where are you going to get these thin pieces of metal? Don’t forget Rule <G7>:

<G7> Robots may not deliberately detach parts during any Match, or leave mechanisms on the Playing Field. If a detached component or mechanism is attached to a Scoring Area and prevents additional scoring, the team will be Disqualified. Multiple infractions may result in Disqualification for the entire competition.

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No one said anything about detaching the metal from a robot!

The logical assumption that I see in the detached part reference is that the robot may have used a piece of paper to pickup the box. If so, the piece of paper inately becomes a part of the robot. If then left behind and/or renewed from any source, it becomes a detached part.

Crates are scored by height, they don’t need to be stacked on each other to score (as long as there is a ball in it). Hope that helped.

Hi all,

I apologize if I was unclear; this is coming form a first-time poster. This is for the FTC game, “Bowled Over!” No, there are no detaching mechanisms on the robot. Hopefully this will make it clearer:

|| crate 1
| crate 2
|| crate 3
| crate 4
|| crate 5
== ==
| crate 6

The ‘== ==’ is two horizontal pieces of metal. Assume the metal is attached to the bot, and that each crate has at least one ball in it.

I am confused whether this would count as a stack of 5, or a stack of 6. What would the scoring be in this case?

all crates above 10.5 inches score no matter what (assuming there is 1+ ball(s) in the crate), each crate is on how high to top of that crate is, it doesn’t matter if its stacked on another crate or anything, all that matters is how high it is. for example.

]] ]

Each of the bottom ones =30 points each, middle is 40, and top is 70.

in you example, as long as they have balls in the crates, no matter what you do with the crates, they will score. Hope that helped ~Derrick.

Yes, that answers my question. Thank you.

You’re welcome!

If a given crate breaks the vertical plane of the home zone, even on the ramp, then it obtains the 10-pt bonus.