[FTC]: What does it mean?

Hey Guys,

I recently posted this question on the Q&A forums.

“Would we be able to use the NXT Extended Connector Cable Set as provided on the HiTechnic website?”

Now, the moderator or whatever just posted the the question without an answer…does anyone know what that means?

I dont know, but I think this post (#71) answers your question:

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Re: Lego Motor RJ12 cables

Originally Posted by 2008FTC0294
Q: We have a need for a ~4 ft long connection between the NXT brick and a Lego motor. Is there any way to achieve this within the game rules? HiTechnic provides a 35.4" cable (not quite long enough for our needs); is this part legal? The “real” options we’ve thought of so far:

  • Making our own NXT-style RJ12 cable
  • Finding a legal component that allows back-to-back RJ12 cables to build up an extension

Considering PWM extensions are allowed, we were hoping there was a way to do a similar extension for the NXT cables, but it’s unclear from the game rules if there’s a legal possibility.

A: There is not a way to get around this option. You will have to engineer another way to route your cable to fit within the limitations of the longest NXT cable available to the teams (which is currently 90cm from HiTechnic).