[FTC]: Where is the FTC Q&A page?

I’m a FRC coach that recently also started coaching a FTC team. I’m trying to find the Q&A page to ask about game play. Is it not up yet? How long will it be before it’s up?

From the FTC forums:


The official Q&A forum should be open within 1-2 weeks, but most of your answers are in the game manual - that should always be your first place to check.

Major key here. Part of the reason they delay the opening of Q&A is to give you enough time to digest the manual so they aren’t deluged with questions that are answered in the manual. :slight_smile:

(Not to say that the answer to your particular question is, but you know how it is with teams.)

I can see the forum but I can’t post anything anywhere. I’ve message the admin and I get no response. I’ve looked at myfirstinspire page and there is no information on my login. Why is this so confusing?

Is your username FTCXXXX? It’s possible to have a different username, but only the names that follow the FTCXXXX format can post questions. The login details should have been emailed to whoever is signed up as the “Head Coach 1”.