[FTC]: Which linear slides to use?

Hi there,

Our team is thinking of using linear slides for a vertical elevator to lift the other robot. I don’t know a lot about linear slides-- what types of things should I consider when deciding which ones to buy?

There are quite a lot out there, and I don’t know which ones will best fit our needs. Do you have links to products that you guys are using?

We want to do a multi-stage lift, meaning the linear slides will extend multiple times. We’re thinking of using nylon rope attached to a motor to extend the linear slides.

If some of the more veteran teams could throw in their two cents, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks!

For some odd reason, almost every team we see has the same linear slide, including ourselves. We bought ours’ from Lowe’s:


The soft close feature is simply a rubber piece located on the bottom, but we removed it for easier sliding vertically. You can get either the 12", 16", or 18" slide depending on your needs. Hope this helps!

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Our teams (FTC 4950 and FTC 6038) used igus DryLin NW-27 sliders from the FRC KOP, and previously from AndyMark (if memory serves). They may be on the expensive side for some FTC teams, but they work very well.

our team just got done installing a 4 stage “firemans ladder” lift utilizing these drawer slides


Our design has 2 fixed 1"x1"x14" aluminum tubes attached to the chasis on the outermost edges, then alternating between slider and tube for 3 more layers such that there are 3 moving sections on each side. So, there is a total of 6 drawer slides (3 on each side).

The biggest issue we found is the weight of the drawer sliders.

We have ordered a set of igus DryLin NW-27 sliders and corresponding shuttle cars. As soon as they arrive, we’ll swap out the drawer sliders for those, and I’ll post our results.

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