[FTC]: Why do our REV expansion hubs stop working?

Hi all,

We managed to fry two different REV expansion hubs within two weeks. Both hubs stopped lighting up when powered and we also can’t seem to communicate with them from the Robot Controller (Getting the error message: Unable to open REV robotics USB expansion hub portal).

We’re trying to figure out if the boards are really dead or if they can still somehow be saved. If they can’t be saved we want to understand why it died. The only things we did we think might’ve broke it are:
[li]The battery fuses burned twice when connected to the first hub
[/li][li]The first hub fell once
Although it continued to function after these. We’re completely unsure of how the second one died.

We’ll glad for any advice!

Thanks :slight_smile:

By chance did anyone on your team plug your battery charger into your hubs? If you send us an email to support@revrobotics.com we can help you debug and replace them if needed.