FTC Wild Card

So my team just made it into State as a wild card, but here is the catch. Basically, if the 8th place team beats our high score at the competition then we are out, if we hold are place we are in. So here is my questio, would that be their highest winning score or just their high score no matter if it is a W or L. Also, do they take finals matches into account.

The Indiana PDP has the official details and will contact the wildcard team. Here’s what’s listed on the IN FTC page.

The “next-in-line” Team for the Tournament will go into a "Wild Card ‘’ pool along with the “next-in-line” for the Metro League Tournament.
At the conclusion of League Tournament Play, the Team who has the Highest Score of these two (2) “Wild Card Teams” will advance to the 24 Team Indiana State Championship.

Metro WC: 4600 league play high score 144 |league tournament high score 146

NorWestin WC: 8272 league play high score 148 |league tournament high score 161

This is my interpretation.

Once again, the PDP will message the state bound teams about qualification.

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