[FTC]: Winners?

Can someone please post who won each award in the championship tournament? Thanks!

Per the FIRST Facebook post earlier today the World Champions are 4444, 4997, and 354

@Joe, thanks! I did see that already. I was looking for someone who knew the results of the other awards, (ie. promote, connect, etc…)! Thanks!

Inspire Award: Team 4220, The Landroids, Livingston, NJ, USA
Motivate Award: Team 3477, Geeks in Just Their Underpants, White Sulphur Springs, WV, USA
Connect Award: Team 3141, The Bears, Mexico City, Mexico
Think Award: Team 4554, Robo Mustangs, Putnam, CT, USA
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award: Team 5454, Dent in the Universe, Orlando, FL, USA
PTC Design Award: 4529, Antipodes, Pacifica, CA, USA
Judges Awards:
“Boot Strap Award” : 5842, Auto Vortex, Bucharest, Romania
“Safety First Award”: 311, Fembots, Williamston, SC, USA