[FTC]: Wireless connection

Our progrmmers are in a bind. We have established our controller and robot in Labview. We have also uploaded our wifi info onto the samanthe module. We are stuck getting this thing wireless. I should add, we are able to contoll the bot with the NXT brick connected via USB. How do we get this to work via Samantha?

If you want to control your robot over Wi-Fi, the best option would be to install the FMS software that FTC releases here. They also have some great videos on how to set this up and how to connect your robot.

Hope this works! Let me know if you have any other problems!

You can also control the robot using WiFi using the Remote Control tab in LabVIEW for LEGO Mindstorms.

Note: Once our programs got sufficiently large, the Run Program in FTC mode within the LabVIEW Remote control didn’t always give predicatble results.

We needed to switch back and forward between developing/downloading with Labview – and – using the FCS to run a match.

Also note, you can’t have two programs connected to the NXT through the Samantha at the same time. So it’s either LabVIEW or FCS, but not both. Once it’s connected, LabVIEW holds onto the connection until it’s completely closed, so it can be a bit frustrating switching back and forwards all the time.

Ah there is the ability to use Wi-Fi in LabVIEW now? How does it perform? Unfortunately I use RobotC mostly so I haven’t seen that feature yet! Good to know!

WiFi for downloading is wonderfull (no cable plug/unplug or Bluetooth).

Switching between labview and FCS is a pain to test Auto Mode, so we added a touch sensor to the robot that overrides the FCS for testing purposes.

Download new auto code via wifi, press touch sensor to run it, or use FCS for real timing.